Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort

Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort
Life overseas can be an overwhelming and exciting adventure.
Come be swept away with us in the Kingdom of Bahrain!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wonderful Winslows!

Our first full day in Oklahoma we were blessed to be surrounded by the love of our family!

My sister Megan drove from Norman, OK to visit for the weekend! She brought her BEAUTIFUL girls Ella (age 2) and Eva (3 months).

I was so excited because this was the first time I met precious Eva in person! She has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen and an adorable grin to match! She is by definition: YUMMY!

Ella is now so big, I can't believe it's been almost a year since hugging her and my how she's grown! Obviously she's ADORABLE as you can see from the pictures and "Smarter Than A Fifth Grader"! (LAUGH) At two, she reads and has an amazing vocabulary - OH! and you should hear her voice... it's so cute it makes me laugh! (I can hear it in my head now, "Ella loves Ella's Elmo!") Awww... :)

My little sister Megan is an amazing Mom! I hope someday I can grow up to be just like her! :) Love you Megs!

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