Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort

Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort
Life overseas can be an overwhelming and exciting adventure.
Come be swept away with us in the Kingdom of Bahrain!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The third installment of NQR (Not Quite Right) BAHRAIN

Back by popular demand...

This shot cracks me up because it's like a comical version of the 1970's TV show "CHIPS". Get 'em Ponch!

Is it just me or would this sight freak you out a little. This was the 6th Bahraini armored vehicle I saw in less than a mile and there were more on the corner when I turned. The picture was taken at the fence that surrounds the airport, I can't believe I was brave (or stupid) enough to take the picture. Guess some "big wig" was arriving in Bahrain.

We don't get snow storms here, NOT EVEN CLOSE! We DO however get sand storms. Check out the 8-10" sand drifts on the highway!

Yeah, that's right you read the thermometer correctly... 132 degrees in our courtyard! (Thank you Meredith for the AWESOME thermometer, we're curious at what temperature do you think the little boy strips down to his skin... it must be 135! wink-wink!)

Yes Boys & Girls that's an EX Saloon. For a nearly "dry" country they sure do name a lot of things after "saloons" ;)

OK, keeping on the Saloon theme... Do you think this is where all the HOT ASTRONAUT CHICKS get their hair done and their drink on? I'm just wondering.

I'm still a little confused on this one. McDonald's sells the Mc Arabia "sandwich" but now it features SALSA! What's going on here, are they trying out the "cross-cultural marketing plan" or what? NOTHING about that sandwich seems appealing to me, I don't care how much salsa you poor on it!! I'll stick to the Quarterpounder if I you MAKE me eat there, thank you very much!

This is the entrance to a nightclub. It looks a little shady if you ask me. Taner however is sticking to his assumption that Batman lives there and he only comes out at night. Yeah, OK I'll take that too.

I received this bag at the souqs when I purchased something a few weeks ago. QUESTION: do you think the shop owner REQUESTED the "blood-dripping-gorry-Halloween" font OR do you think he got them for free because they ROYALLY screwed up his order? AND do you think he wanted it to read "Welcome" or perhaps "Thank you"? Hmmmm... Your guess is a good as mine!

This shot was snapped by my oldest son on the way to school, he said "Mommy hurry! Hand me your camera, I spy a man on top of a trash truck, Hurry Mommy before he gets down!!!!! HURRY!!!" Good shot Tanner!

Hope you enjoyed the third installment of NQR (Not Quite Right) Bahrain... I'm sure there will be more to come! ;)

Ryan Aebi's Birthday

Happy Birthday Ryan!

We celebrated the event at Trader Vic's at the Ritz.

The restaurant is cool with it's Polynesian theme and delicious beverage menu! The boys ordered the "grog" (pictured above) they said it was wonderful. Becky and I were the only ladies, lucky us - we dined with 9 cuties!

We may need to make this a birthday tradition - GOOD TIMES!

Gavin's New Trick!


Gavin has discovered the curtain sheers and thinks they are GREAT fun. He will do this over and over again, but only with the sheer curtains (the other curtains are of no interest to him).

It's a pretty good laugh, Enjoy! ;)

Arabic Coffee

Once was enough for me!

A really nice man stopped us in the lobby after brunch and invited us to try Arabic coffee.

Sure, I'm up for almost anything once. The gentleman explained that Arabic coffee is like a ritual. It is served in tiny handleless cups made of porcelain or china. He served us each a date first then pored the soft brown, cloudy coffee into our tiny cups. He then instructed us to take a bite of date then to sip the coffee (lime & tequila style minus the salt!). It's interesting, the date is sweet and the coffee is bitter so together they make an "interesting" taste in the mouth.

When finished with your coffee you have two options:
1) Hold your cup from the bottom and shake it to indicate that you would like a refill.
2) Hold your hand over the top of the cup to indicate that you've have just about as much fun as you can handle for one day! ;)

Great experience but I think I'll stick with my tall caramel latte for the time being!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Not So Subtle" 5 year old girls

I cleaned out Tanner's lunchbox this morning and THIS is what I found.

Apparently, Alannah has a little crush on Tanner (laugh). The note reads:

(Heart) Alannah
I (heart) Tanner
(heart) check mark

Oh this looks like great torture material! Let the fun begin! ;)


Last night Gavin learned an important lesson... make sure your toes are nowhere in the vicinity of a heavy toy when pulling it down from the second shelf of the playroom. Poor little guy! Now he's walking with his big toe "in the air" and trying not to put weight on it. Watching him get around now is both sad and funny all at the very same time.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cinco de Mayo (two days later)

The Childers just arrived in Bahrain and Paul thought the best way to initiate them was by TOTAL SUBMERSION! That's right boys and girls we "did" the Diplomat Brunch!

Nomer AKA: Squadron Social Chairman reserved a great table and ordered sombreros for the whole gang.

THE GOAL: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style (who cares that it was May 7th we looked AWESOME!)

The Wives: Katy, Hollie, Jann and Magda

Brad and Nomer (Party God)

Our table is ready for fun!

The sombreros were a super idea, complete strangers were approaching our table asking to take pictures with us. I really think it's because we had the hottest guys at our table but we'll let Nomer think it was the cool hats! ;)

Brad & Chris

The Boys being boys!

Katy & Jann kissing our waiter!

Magda & Hollie

It's only 2:00PM is Tom taking a siesta? ;)

The Diplomat is notorious on the island for wild brunches, skimpy clothing, costumes, drunk crazies, a great house band and pretty much attended solely by Expats. This was my third Diplomat Brunch, I think I'm getting the hang of this.

MARHABA (Welcome) Childers Family!

Yippie, They're Heeeere!

After two days on the rotator the Childers clan finally arrived in the Kingdom of Bahrain at 10:30 AM Thursday May 6th! Jet lagged, tired, hungry, loaded down with 7 pieces of luggage and two car seats they were ready for some rest!

What a Welcoming Committee we were! Katy and I dressed in our "Friday Best" and met them in our new abayas (robes) and hejabs (head scarves) with the flower Bump-It, big sunglasses and all... All Hollie could say was "Oh My God, PLEASE tell me we don't HAVE to wear those things!" Yeah, our silly stunt worked! We quickly assured her that they were purchased just for fun for their arrival and then Paul made us change before we "scared the girls" (laugh).

With a stop at McDonald's for 2 Happy Meals we were off to take them to their home away from home (at least for the next 45 days)... YUP! You guessed it - The Marriott. They slept the rest of the day and Paul picked them up for dinner at the Flusche Villa for some mean take out pizza (only the best for our guests - laugh).

Surprise Katy! Happy Birthday!

Mi Amigos!

The best way to freak somebody out on their birthday is to host a surprise party at their home while they are out to dinner with the The Girls. We tried this trick out on Katy and boy-oh-boy did it work!

The Birthday Girl enjoying a beverage or two (or three or four) at Cafe Mexicana.

The Girls enjoying the best Mexican restaurant on the island, it's a tough job but somebody's got to do it! ;)

EVERYBODY LOVES A PURPLE CAB! A female taxi driver was requested for Katy's shin-dig. Our driver was super cool and even let us take her picture (not commonly done in the Arab culture).

Jann & Jenn in the purple taxi!

SURPRISE KATY!!! Happy Birthday! - NOW the party can begin...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

PLASTIC FOOD: Fun Toddler Toy or Sick Joke Played By Parents?

I'm still on the fence.

Perhaps it's only cruel if you have a hungry baby. Now that I think about it... my baby is ALWAYS hungry (says the Mommy with an evil grin).

Maybe we should put the "delicious" fruits and veggies away until he's old enough to "get it"... naaaa, this is too much fun! ;)

Shopping makes this baby HAPPY!

He's the APPLE of my eye!

For CORNy Aunt Tobey!


BROCOLI is delicious!

Toss him a TOMATO!

Crazy for CARROTS!

Veggies make babies HAPPY!

Anybody up for a stroll down the local produce isle? ;)

CUBS: Last Game of the Season

CUBS 2010 Team Photo

The Bahrain School Little League ended it's season with an action packed game May first! Cubs vs. Mets, here's a recap in photos!

Next up Tanner Flusche...

Up to bat...

On his way to first...

Safe at second...

Headed home...


Tanner had a super time at the last game of the season he hit 2 pitches from the coach, one off the tee, and scored two runs! BUT the most important thing is that Tanner ENJOYED playing this season and looks forward to playing again next year!

WAY TO GO CUBS! You deserve two thumbs up!!!