Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort

Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort
Life overseas can be an overwhelming and exciting adventure.
Come be swept away with us in the Kingdom of Bahrain!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mom Tip #3

Never get caught with your pants down!
Now that I've got your attention (laugh) here is the third tip to make your "Mommy Life" a little less stressful. It's easy and it requires less than 2 minutes of your crazy day. Store three diapers in your car (and a mini pack of wipes while you're at it) for those "Oh Crap Moments".

An "OCM" would include but is not limited to:
1) You ran out of diapers and it's 3:00AM. Simply head to the garage.
2) You have been out all day and Junior has blown out his shorts (and therefore all the diapers in your diaper bag) No need to return home.
3) You drove to the park and some poor ol' Mom walked and thought it unnecessary to tote the big heavy diaper bag. (We Gals have to stick together!)
4) Those famous changes in the car after swimming at the pool.

*Disclaimer* As child outgrows a diaper size remember to change out the emergency car diapers too! Now go out for that 12 hour shopping spree... you're "covered"!

Mom Tip #2

Keep toys clean and in the stroller with this tip
Ok, Gavin already has an arm and has managed to toss his toy out of the stroller... here in lies the second blogger Mom Tip. Use a MAM pacifier clip, you can purchase them just about anywhere (Target or Wal-Mart have a 2 pack for under $5). Attach toy to the rubber ring with a "link-a doo" or undo the velcro, remove rubber ring and attach toy. The clip can be attached to child's five part harness in the car seat/stroller or to child's clothing. Easy idea, and chances are you already have a pacifier clip in your trusty diaper bag! :) Get stroll'n Girl!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mom Tip #1

Always keep an extra pair of socks in your diaper bag
I use them when I need to change the baby on one of those restroom changing tables. Maybe it's the "germ-a-phobe" in me but who knows how many not so tidy diapers have been changed there before I arrived. 

I use the socks on the baby's hands so he won't get all those lovely germs in his mouth when his hands return there (as they always do). I simply slip them on his hands before laying him down on the changing table and remove them once he is snuggled back into his carrier. Socks go into the hamper when we return home. Easy Breezy, give it a try!

Alright Jen Braden, this one's for you!

Jen and I have been dear friends for over 15 years and she has been trying to talk me into blogging for some time now. She even helped me set up this beautiful page and snazzy background. The reason I was so hesitant was I had no idea what I would post and with a new baby on the way (who is now 3 months old - told you I was dragging my feet!) I was afraid I'd have zero time. BUT... 

After a late night at Coffee Waves with The Girls I had an epiphany of sorts. Stephanie & Bowen are always telling me that I need to write a book with all the "Mom Tips" I have. The tips are not advice on how to raise kids or anything like that, the "Mom Tips" are things that I do or have created to make my life a little easier. Ta-Da! Let the blogging begin. (Thanks Jen for the push, make that shove. LAUGH!)