Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort

Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort
Life overseas can be an overwhelming and exciting adventure.
Come be swept away with us in the Kingdom of Bahrain!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Delmon Pottery

Today I did something I thought I would never do. EVER.

Thanks to Hollie and Heather and an extreme desire to shop without the kids I followed them to Delmon Pottery in the A' Ali Village. It's located in an area we as military personnel and dependents are advised to avoid but of course I didn't know this until we were deep in the village. There were black and green flags warning us of our decision and like moths to a flame we entered. We had come too far to change our minds. Besides there was no turning back, I was following them in my car and we had winded so deep into the village I would have NEVER found my way out. Next time I go on an excursion with those two I'm packing breadcrumbs!

It was all in the name of beautifully handcrafted pottery... and looking back at the adventure I have to admit Hollie and Heather were right on. A trip worth making (on a week day, in the daylight and preferably with a large male escort, maybe two - LAUGH!) not that I'm volunteering to do it again any time in the foreseeable future.

The shop had a wide variety of pottery to choose from. There were planters, bowls, hanging lamps, wall decor, plates and a variety of nicknacks. There were pieces nearly as tall as me! I selected a lantern that stands about 2.5 feet, a small 5 inch tea light lantern, three great cone shaped pieces that reminded me of Christmas trees (just in time for the holiday) and a few small items for the boys to paint, string and hang on our Christmas tree.

Here is the photographical evidence that the trip was more than worthwhile. Now I will always have a few physical reminders of my amazing curb jumping, off-roading, roundabout circling, being seriously stared at, palms sweating nervousness, out of my element, haggling for a better price, get me the hell out of here pottery buying experience.

Road trip anyone? Pack your breadcrumbs!

Halloween (Bahrain Style!)

Yateem Gardens is where it's at!

Tanner was bummed out that we missed his school Halloween Spooktacular because it was the night we flew in from Tulsa. However he quickly got over it when he heard he would have the privilege to go Trick-OR-Treating with his friends Kai, Gabriel, Faisal and Gabriel.

Tanner dressed as Darth Vader (or Dark Vader as he called it) light saber and all! He had a hard time seeing through the mask but refused to take it off or wear it on the top of his head. Gavin went as Batman and rotated riding in the stroller and running from house to house. Gavin had no idea when it comes to the importance of the jack-o-lantern basket. In typical "Gavin The Collector" style he picked up valuable items like rocks, sticks and leaves... who needs candy anyway, right?

We met for pizza and snacks at Pamela's home and then off to hit the compound in search of scary treats! The Yateem Garden compound made me think of Trick OR-Treating when I was a kid. All the participating homes decorated their front walks and entry areas. Parents in costume passed out candy to all the kids with baskets in hand and commented on each child's costume. The house pictured above even offered champagne to the parents who were out Trick-OR-Treating with their children, now THAT'S a treat! ;)

Sama's parents and siblings decorated the outside of their house (the following 2 pictures) and even made a haunted house for the bravest kids to enter! Apparently the haunted house is a long standing tradition and the children in the compound look forward to it every year. Our kids LOVED it!

We met around 5:00PM at Pamela's and wrapped up the night by 7:00PM. The kids were wiped out and crashed in the car before we made our way to the main road. Was it jet-lag or Trick-OR-Treating? I'll never tell! ;)

Happy Halloween!

Yateem Ranch

The FAMOUS quote of the day came from my buddy Sama: "It's totally Lord Of The Flies out there!"

That being said let me begin at the beginning. My friend Sama invited a gang of our friends to visit her Grandfather's "farm". This is no farm I've ever visited, it's like Fantasy Island meets jungle hide-a-way. Very tropical and heavily wooded with thick palm trees and tall eucalyptus. In two words: It's GREAT!!!

The Mommies all packed picnic goodies and we caravanned 4 cars, 5 adults and 8 kids about 20 minutes outside of Manama. It really felt like a getaway, a real retreat.

The kids enjoyed picnicking, picking lemons, horseback riding, petting the dogs, seeing the turkeys, chickens, ducks and peacocks. BUT what they enjoyed the most was running around like CRAZY children (hence Sama's great quote!) The kids built forts out of palm fronds, tied ropes to the trees and carried "big sticks". It was like a nature wonderland, even Gavin held a large brown harry caterpillar!

A super time was had by all! But don't take my word for it, check out the photos! Enjoy, we sure did!

Time to eat!

The kids (and Mommies) checking out the area.

Kiddos enjoying the shade!

Jade going for a stroll.

Grace offering a little "Mommy's Helper"!

Gavin enjoying a snack.

The boys picked a heap of lemons.

Sama and her daughter Jade.

The Moms out looking for the wild children.

Gavin being an explorer.

Jungle boy!

Tanner beginning to make his fort.

Gavin and his new buddy Mr. Caterpillar!

Grace showing off her mad skateboarding skills!

Tanner & Gabriel hanging out on Grandpa Yateem's bench.

Pamela making a new friend.

Lilly on horseback.

Kai enjoying a ride!

A special THANKS goes out to Grandpa Yateem for opening his retreat to us for the day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I know that lately I have been posting about our Tulsa, OK trip... and I still have more Tulsa stories to post but quite a few post worthy things have been happening here! I would like to stay current so you can enjoy the "local happenings" along with us. That being said, EID was the week before last.

The country just celebrated it's second EID of the year. This EID is the second and last of the year. The children who attend school (including Tanner's school, The Bahrain School) enjoyed a week off from school as part of the festivities. Monday morning of EID (while we were still hanging out in our jammies) I heard our front gate ring. I picked up the security phone that has an intercom to the gate. While on the phone I heard what sounded like children singing. Then they all cheered "EID MUBARAK!!!"

All at once I remembered visiting the Bahrain National Museum and reading about a day during EID where children dress in traditional clothing or fancy party clothes and go singing from house to house collecting candy, nuts and other delicious treats. I shouted to Tanner to grab his Halloween candy and meet me in the entryway. We poured the candy into a big glass bowl and greeted the children with a great big "EID MUBARAK!!!" They loved seeing us so excited and thanked us for the candy with a sweet "Shukran!" (Thank you)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Everyone should have them.
Most people don't.
Five (soon six) lucky kids are blessed to have not one, but two.
God is Good!

Elizabeth and Eva hanging out with Nana & Mony, their Great-Grandmothers.

Sometimes, all you need is a little gravel!

It's the little things in life that make us happy. The simple things. Not the new toy - it's the box the new toy comes in, right?

The boys were feeling a little cooped up so we went for a walk around my parent's neighborhood and eventually ended up at a playground out-front of the elementary school right down the street. The game was simple: scoop up gravel, cover the slide, your jeans and blue balance beam. When the gravel coverage was complete do a VICTORY DANCE then knock it all off and start over again. Those two silly nuts played in the gravel for well over an hour.

Again, the simple things make life so worth living... just ask my boys.