Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort

Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort
Life overseas can be an overwhelming and exciting adventure.
Come be swept away with us in the Kingdom of Bahrain!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tea For Two

This morning Gavin and I shared a spot of tea at "Cafe Flusche". We ate pretend scones and drank water (mine brewed with Earl Grey).

Though not designed for adults, I must admit that I am impressed by the "comfort" of the Little Tikes plastic table and chairs ;) Following tea we danced a jig and played with blocks.

All in all A FAB MORNING!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Special Holiday Guest

Last night Daddy returned from the States following some simulator training. Santa gave Daddy a special box and asked that the boys open it as soon as he got home.

Mommy and Daddy were very curious! We wondered what was so important that Santa would allow the boys to open an early gift... we realized quickly that the gift wasn't a "what" but a "who"!

It was a box that read "The Elf On The Shelf", inside we found a book and a curious looking little fellow.

We read the book and learned that the box's inhabitant was a genuine North Pole Elf!!! Santa requested for the boys to give him a name. Tanner decided the tiny elf should be named Elffie (Original I know, but Bartholomew just didn't roll off his toung - LAUGH!) so Elffie it is.

Apparently each night Elffie magically returns to Santa at the North Pole. His job is to report all the good things he witness the boys doing as well as the "not so good" things. The one rule is that no little hands are allowed to touch the elf otherwise he looses his magic. Elffie sits in the same place all day and when he returns the next morning he chooses a different location. Last night he sat among the packed boxes (did I mention we are in the middle of packing for next week's move????) in Tanner's room. Elffie watched him sleep and then went on his way to report the night's activities to The Big Guy.

Tanner woke up bright and early to find that Elffie was "missing". He woke us up to help him find Elffie. After looking downstairs Tanner spotted him sitting atop the activity calendar in the entry to the playroom. How on earth did such a little guy climb so high? One will never know!

Welcome to Casa Flushe little Elffie - make yourself at home! We move to the beach next week so I hope you packed your tiny little elf swimming trunks.

*** A funny little side note for all you adults out there. Santa sent an Elf On The Shelf to my friend Christan's home last year. Her son Christian was SOOOO incredible freaked out by the thing that they had a hard time getting him to go to sleep. He screamed (with horror) each morning when he learned the creepy little elf returned to their home yet again. It was so bad that they had to send him back to the North Pole a little early. (If you are laughing right now you are not alone, I'm still laughing one year after hearing the story!)

More to come from this Mrs. Claus in the days to come about the adventures of Elffie and the little angels his watchful eyes are creating! ;)

USS Abe Lincoln

The week prior to Thanksgiving our friends on the USS Lincoln arrived in Bahrain and we were THRILLED to be invited to tour the ship! Gabe Tonozzi gave us the grand tour of the massive vessel.

USS Abe Lincoln

Sizing up the ship

The Far-Far Away Flusches

Tanner's got the need for speed!

The Guys

"LOOK! It's Mr. Gabe & Mr. Matt!"

Gavin wanted to do it himself...

I think it's pretty safe to say someone misses his son Josh.

Daddy & Gavster

Ummmm, yeah, OK. No problem there!

Great shot of Tanner

And you thought your ride was cool...

Gabe and the boys

Hello Sailor ;)

The Bridge

I sailor AND photographer in me couldn't resist this shot... it's a cleat on the deck. Sometimes simple industrial things can be beautiful.

This shields those on deck from the jet ehaust

The Bridge

Daddy & Gavin

Hollie & Paige

Golden Falcons

"Take'n a Looksie"

Tanner: "Can I dive out this window?" Me: "Ummmm... NO."

Gabe, Matt and Travis' office: Where they "shoot" the planes off the deck. Tanner thought that this looked like a great place to work because it gives you a different perspective of the deck. He noticed right off that the "office" was equipped with AC, two shooters work in "The Bubble" at one time.

Tanner, Gavin & Daddy in the bubble

Tanner checking out "Mr Gabe's office"

The view of the flight line from the bubble

Making there way into "The Bubble"

Daddy & Gavin "patrolling" the corridors

The highlight of the tour was visiting the Bridge where the Captain makes all the key decisions or as Tanner will tell you "The Captain sits in a tall chair and sometimes he can drive the boat if he wants to". Kids. ;)

Tanner thinks being the Captain is "where it's at!"

Paige & Maggie

Gabe explaining the job of the Captain, Tanner & Maggie just want to "drive it" ;)


Gavin in the Captain's Chair

View from the Bridge

Chow Line

Ready Room

This is where Gabe and his roommate Travis call home. Spacious, right? ;) They actually have a pretty nice set-up all things considered. Two bunk beds, 2 desks, a sink, some dwars and the ever important flat screen TV with an X-Box.

Tanner thinks those two are "live'n the dream" and was ready to move in!