Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort

Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort
Life overseas can be an overwhelming and exciting adventure.
Come be swept away with us in the Kingdom of Bahrain!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trunk OR Treat

A group of parents on base got together and decided it would be a crime to rob our children of the Halloween tradition of Trick OR Treating!

Being that all our homes are spread out over the top 1/3 of the Kingdom, the concept of neighborhood Trick OR Treating is nearly impossable. The base was nice enough to tape off a section of the parking lot to let the kids Trunk OR Treat off the back end of our vehicles.

We were surprised to see how the word spread and over 40 vehicles attended! I'm pretty sure the number will double next year, here are a few pics of Tanner and a few of his friends.
Childers & Williams Kiddos
Princess Katie
Our Oh So Cool Charlie
Maggie passing out candy
Tanner with his friends defeating Darth Vader
Tanner & Katie hanging out
Thomas the Tank Engine, I mean Jacob :)
Gavin's Girlfriend Ari
Tanner with buddy Mia
Trunk OR Treat
Spooky Trunks
Chase and Tanner wish you a Happy Halloween!

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