Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort

Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Capri (not like the pants!)

Day 12: July 13, 2010

First things first, it's "KAH-pree", not "kah-PREE" (like the pants). In case you ever visit, I'm just trying to save you any unnecessary embarrassment from the Italians who apparently are sticklers on pronunciation, or so I've heard (laugh)!

It was our last full day in Italy and we wanted to do it big. We had talked about going to Capri since we arrived twelve days ago and thought it would be the beautiful cherry on top of our gelato vacation.

We woke up to clouds and a sky that looked like rain but we thought we would just take a chance. The family walked to the airport, hopped a buss to downtown Naples then we walked to the port... we became the masters of public transportation. The ferry ride was about an hour and fifteen minutes. Then it seemed all of a sudden a stunning mountainous island appeared out of nowhere (a little dramatic effect courtesy of the fog). Capri, we arrived!

The port was very busy with tourists and locals alike. The island's sole function is to generate tourism dollars (or should I say euros) which I can appreciate. We walked around the cute coastal shops and picked up souvenirs for family back home. The boys each picked out a souvenir as well, Tanner chose a water cannon to play with in the pool or beach. Gavin selected an old fashioned hand made wooden Pinocchio walking toy - adorable! (see the last pic on this posting.)

Our lunch was delicious, we dined at a cute corner bistro where we were seated at the best table the place had to offer. It was a wonderful people-watching table where we could eat and relax. I had an amazing tuna sandwich with tomato and basil on a crispy baguette with EVOO. YUM! The boys opted for cheeseburgers (since we were in paradise) and all left the bistro happy!

Nothing we had read said to pack bathing suits. We simply had no idea. So, for the second "helpful hint" of this post: if you ever find yourself on a ferry to Capri pack a bathing suit. If however you forgot one or never got around to reading the last half of all this dialog... you can do what I did.

Are you curious yet? I told Paul there was no way I was leaving this island without swimming in the inviting blue water! Desperate times call for desperate measures. I purchased the darkest scarf I could find and made it into something that strongly DID NOT resemble a bathing suit but worked nonetheless.

Sad thing was, I couldn't talk any of the other Flusches into swimming with me. I almost had Tanner convinced but he didn't want to wear wet shorts the rest of the day. Oh well, such is life - I however loved the swim! Paul rented some beach chairs, found a shady spot and the three boys napped like champs!

I was able to capture some of the most adorable pics of the boys, here are a few of my favorites!

Our last day in Italy was beautiful and relaxing, I'm so glad we took a chance on the weather. We wrapped the island experience up with what else... gelato!

The return ferry!

Arrivederci Italia!

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