Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort

Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort
Life overseas can be an overwhelming and exciting adventure.
Come be swept away with us in the Kingdom of Bahrain!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meet Flat Stanley

This posting is for Mrs. Flusche and her adventurous Multi-age classroom at Jenks West Elementary in Jenks, Oklahoma! Less than a week ago I recieved a manilla envelope and inside it I found a new friend. His name is Flat Stanley and from the note that accompanied him he appears to be quite the world traveler!

Tanner and Gavin were very excited that Flat Stanley flew from Oklahoma all the way to the Kingdom of Bahrain. He is our first guest to visit from the United States! We quickly packed the car and set off on a whirlwind adventure driving Flat Stanley all over our new country.

We hope you have as much fun "touring the island" as Flat Stanley did, ENJOY!

MARHABA! (welcome) This is a map of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Flat Stanley could not believe that there are camels in Bahrain!

He asked if he could ride one of the camels but the owner said they were getting ready to eat their lunch, maybe next visit!

We were hungry so we decided to eat a local favorite meal called schwarma at Leabnese Oven.

Tanner and I enjoyed looking at the pictures of all the interesting foods on the menu.

This is Mr. Abdul, he is a friend of the Flusche family.

Flat Stanley eating Schwarma with Tanner, his Daddy and Mr. Abdul.

Tanner and Flat Stanley having a great time at Mr. Abdul's Uncle's carpet shop in Adlia.

It's so much fun to play atop a tall pile of carpets!

Flat Stanley purchased this beautiful carpet! I wonder if it's a MAGIC carpet, what do you think?

Tanner and Flat Stanley posing on the outskirts of his neighborhood.

Flat Stanley in Arad with the city of Juffair in the distance.

This is where Tanner and Gavin live. Their home is called a villa.

This is the street where Tanner and Gavin live.

This is the back side of Tanner and Gavin's neighborhood, there is a mosque about 4 villas down their street.

Shhh... little one sleeping

Flat Stanley enjoyed taking afternoon naps with baby Gavin!

Flat Stanley out on a drive, with one of many pearl statues behind him. Bahrain is known as "The Pearl of the Gulf".

This is Flat Stanley outside of the Isa Cultural Center and Library.

The beautiful building on the left is the Grand Mosque with the Isa Cultural Center on the right.

The Grand Mosque at sunset.

Flat Stanley enjoyed tasting some local favorites, Tanner and Gavin's Mommy treated him to kiwi lime juice. Yum-Yum!

Can you find Flat Stanley? He was enjoying a game of Hide-and-Seek in Tanner and Gavin's villa!

Tanner taught Flat Stanley how to play pool.

Flat Stanley enjoyed going on a bike ride with Gavin and his Mommy!

Most of all Flat Stanley enjoyed hanging out listening to stories about our family.

The Flusche family would like to thank Mrs. Flusche's class for introducing us to Flat Stanley. He was a wonderful guest and we would be pleased to welcome him to our home again in the future. Happy traveling Flat Stanley!

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