Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort

Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort
Life overseas can be an overwhelming and exciting adventure.
Come be swept away with us in the Kingdom of Bahrain!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Tanner - I - Am - Your - Mother"

I hope you read the above sentence in Darth Vader's voice because THAT is what my world has become! We have had the movies for EXACTLY one month and one day and I swear I hear the voices of Anakin Skywalker OR is that Darth Vader in my dreams! He is one in the same RIGHT?!?! ;)

Long gone are the days of simple legos... now it's "Mommy I want to build a ship to carry my droids to the galaxy of the..." Sadly all I hear is "WAAA WAAA WA WAAA WAAA WAAA" (like in Charlie Brown). I love that he is passionate about something but sadly I morn the days when I played Barbies and Strawberry Shortcakes, you know, girl stuff. Such are the realities of being the Mommy to boys. Guess I'm going over to Hollie's where I understand the toys. And maybe if I'm lucky I can dine on an Easy Bake Oven creation while a 5 year old paints my fingernails and "does" my hair! ;)

He looks like he needs a good nap (or a Boddingtons, either way I'm cool!)

I don't recall Luke being dismembered in that way...

In a Star Wars TRANCE!

Do you think they are in "time out"?


"The FORCE is strong with these three!!!"

Lord help me! ;)

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