Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort

Old meets New, the Flusche Family at Bahrain Fort
Life overseas can be an overwhelming and exciting adventure.
Come be swept away with us in the Kingdom of Bahrain!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Moving to "The Land O' Sand"

So about a month ago I received a phone call from my amazing husband who was on a trip to meet with the NAVY Detailer (for all you Landlubbers out there a Detailer is like a headhunter/Job placement HR guy for the military). The phone call home went a little something like this:

Me - How was the flight? Did you meet with the Detailer? What jobs are open?...
Paul - So... how do you feel about Bahrain?
Me - (silence and crickets chirping and 1/2 a second more silence) SURE, Why not!
Paul- OK, we'll talk more when I get home, see you tonight!
Me- Run to the computer to research Bahrain so I am an expert on the country by the time his plane touches down. Hell, I'm so knowledgeable by the time Paul walks through the door that I could become the US Ambassador to Bahrain.

You/My Dear friends & family-
Really Jann? Bahrain? Is it safe? Where is that? Is it safe? Isn't it REALLY HOT there? Is it safe? Do they speak English? Is it safe? Isn't that next to Iraq? Is it safe? Is that where they cut your hand off for shoplifting? Is it safe? Do you have to wear a Burka or head scarf? Is it safe? Where will Tanner go to school? Are you insane? Again, have I asked, is it safe?

Answers to your questions my precious loved ones:
  • Yes, in fact IT IS SAFE! We wouldn't pack up the whole Flusche Fam and move to the "The Danger Zone".
  • No, it's not "near" Iraq, yes it's in the region but I wouldn't consider the country a neighbor.
  • Bahrain is an island East on Saudi Arabia and West of United Arab Emmerets/Dubi. Oh, just get out your Atlas and look to the right of Saudi Arabia or better yet Google Bahrain.
  • Yes, (there is no way to get around this or say it nicely) it is HOT there! REALLY HOT, stifling even. There, now that being said, there is also electricity there my silly friends so that means AIR CONDITIONING - Thank the Lord! In the Summer it's likely to be 115 degrees with 40+ percent humidity. The national annual rainfall is 3 inches. Yup, you read that correctly 3 inches annually, nice.
  • English? You bet. Also Arabic. My sweet little sister Lauren is a doll, she has been sending me "THE ARABIC WORD OF THE DAY" and I have started a stack of flashcards of helpful words for the family... Shakran Lauren!
  • The whole "hand removal shoplifting thing" is the country next door (don't get out the atlas, it's Saudi Arabia). Actually beheading is still an acceptable form of punishment there too. Kudos to them, they have a VERY VERY low crime rate... Hey Mr. President do you want to lower the number of folks in our prisons? The Saudi model really seems to be effective, I kid.
  • Nope, no burka for this gal (unless I can find a fashionable bright pink & Bedazzled one!) In Bahrain one must be conservative. Let common sense dictate... those of you who question you common sense... modesty is the best policy.
  • And for the last FAQ... Yes Tanner will go to school. He will be starting the D.O.D. (Department Of Defence) school when the Spring semester begins in February. All the "NAVY Brats" & military kiddos will go to school together on base.
As for now we are trying to gather as much information about the country and what we will need to do to have a successful and semi-stress free move over-seas (if there is such a thing). We are in the process of finding a Realtor and securing a furnished "mini-palace" for the family. I'll keep you posted on all of our wonderful experiences via blog so check back frequently.

Now all we need are written orders...
such is military life for a military wife.

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